District 20 of Alcoholics Anonymous
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In the film strip below are links to all the AA pamphlet's. There is a slider below the film strip to scroll through all the pamphlets. Clicking a pamphlet below will take you to the "AA Literature at a Glance Web Page" where you can view or download the pamphlet. Right clicking on a pamphlet below will give an option to open the link in a new tab or window for viewing. On the AA.ORG website click the image and the pamphlet will open. AA.ORG policy is that you can download a single copy for personal use. Note that when you view or download it will not be in "pamphlet" form. It will be a multi-page PDF file. The AA.ORG web page also has links to view guidelines, newsletters, service material and other items. In my experience almost every question or concern you have has already been answered in the pamphlets or on the AA web page. Check it out.